Introducing Our Premium Face Mask Collection

Introducing Our Premium Face Mask Collection

A year after the first COVID-19 lockdown, it’s clear that face masks are here to stay. They’ve become a way of life, and we’re now wearing face masks without a second thought. While their purpose is to protect us from the virus, they’re also an opportunity to express your personality. At Kinshasa Makambo, we’re excited to unveil our premium face mask collection, allowing you to turn your personal protective equipment into a fashion statement.

Meet Our Face Masks

When face masks first became the norm, streetwear fashion followers were quick to take advantage of their potential. Instead of seeing it as something restrictive, the streetwear community took it as an opportunity to turn it into another accessory. 

At Kinshasa Makambo, we bring together western techniques and Congolese art and culture, with every piece representing the fusion of these two niches. Our collections focus on the art of minimalism with the sprinkle of abstract creativity, which has come to define the streetwear industry.

It’s only fitting that we expand our collections to include face masks, the one accessory we’re all wearing every day. We offer a selection of face masks, including our team's favourite ‘Congo Flag Premium Face Mask. If you prefer a pop of colour, check out our orange ‘Pende Tribe’ face mask. We’ve also incorporated one of the trending colours for 2021, mellow yellow, into our face mask collection. We have something to offer everyone, from the minimalist who likes to keep it monochrome to the bolder streetwear fan who likes to incorporate a bold shade into their outfit.

About Our Face Masks

The Kinshasa Makambo face masks use 100% polyester microfibres. This fabric gives added comfort and breathability while preventing skin irritation. We’ve included an adjustable nose wire to allow you to achieve a comfortable fit with your mask, making it easier to wear it for longer. We’ve chosen elastic bands and PVC earloops to reduce pressure on your ears. There is also a pocket for you to add an additional filter for an extra layer of protection. Our face masks are washable and reusable, making them ideal for everyday wear.            

How to Style Your Face Masks

With face masks becoming the accessory that defined 2020, we’ve learnt a lot about styling them with our everyday outfits. The key is to think of it as an accessory by styling it the same way you would a pair of sneakers or a scarf.

One of the easiest ways to style a face mask is to create monochrome or tonal outfits by keeping everything focused on one shade. You might decide you want your face mask to blend into your outfit and not draw attention away from another piece like your latest sneaker acquire. We offer an extensive collection of black face masks, which you can throw on and go. If you want to elevate a loungewear look or add a luxury-inspired twist, you can add our tartan premium face mask to any neutral outfit.

Are you not a fan of face masks? You can check out our neck gaiters, a versatile accessory that doubles as a bandana, face mask, and scarf.

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